This manual is the most packed, valuable manual developed yet by this author---for Dietitians and Dietary Managers who want to:

A. Learn "Surveyor procedures" on HOW to observe, conduct staff interviews, and review records (Policies, Diet Manual, and Charting.) Learn HOW to self evaluate your services based upon this detailed new surveyor training for inspecting California Hospitals and Long Term Care, implemented March 2016.  (For CA ONLY: It meets the CA CDM’s requirement for 6 hr of Inservice Training in State Codes and Title 22. Learn how to access CA Title 22 & current codes.)

B.Learn the new revised federal regulations and HOW to comply with the surveyor interpretive guidance, to be implemented 11/28/16

C. Learn  HOW to use the CMS tools for QAPI to identify and demonstrate aggressive effort in performance improvement. Learn Root Cause Analysis, preventing adverse events, and effective, sustainable corrective actions. Several examples of effective QAPI projects. If YOU have identified the weak areas (before survey), and are making sustainable corrections, this can show the "Good Faith Effort" and greatly reduce the potential for deficiency findings. (Bonus: Article on QAPI, to be published in January 2017 in Edge Magazine for ANFP/CDMs.)

D. Review past deficiencies, Immediate Jeopardies, and citations for the worse adverse event: "deaths" as a direct result of failure in dietary services (wrong diet, choking deaths, dehydration, and many other examples of deficiencies.)

Price: $40.00